Owen Drew Luxury Candles


Say hello to the most gorgeous candles ever!

Owen Drew candles are England's finest luxury candles and they're all individually hand poured on the Wirral.

  • Natural, vegan soy wax carefully blended with essential oils and fine fragrances
  • Powerful, lasting fragrance from the first burn to the last burn
  • Clean burning - no soot/smoke
  • Crackling wooden wick for soothing acoustic experience

Peppercorn & RaspberryThe fragrance of freshly picked, juicy raspberries is spiked with the tantalising aroma of spicy black peppercorns to create a scent which is nothing short of sublime. Luscious and fruity yet simultaneously dark and enigmatic, our latest scent is unforgettable and will add an air of sumptuousness to your home. 

Sauvage - Combines dewy citrus with a sprinkling of pepper. Inspired by Dior Sauvage, the "Inspired by" fragrances are interpretations of the famous fragrances and have been designed to be similar in their notes to the famous brands. By labelling them as "Inspired by", we wish to make customers aware that the products are not licensed by the designers nor are they or we affiliated to the companies which originally produced the scents. Owen Drew do not wish to confuse, mislead or infringe any of the protected brands or trademarks. 

White Jasmine - Show them you care with this beautiful Owen Drew candle. Envelop your home with the enchanting aroma of night-blooming Jasmine.

Mademoiselle - Inspired by Coco Chanel Mademoiselle. An oriental fragrance with a strong personality, yet surprisingly fresh.

Rose Velvet & Oud East meets west in this combination of rich, exotic Oud and English Rose. Experience the discreet aroma of rose in bloom combined with a heady, woody undertone. Classical, with a touch of the mysterious, this fragrance is uniquely decadent and comforting.